To serve our customers better Arket has been investing in design heavily through developing an internationally qualified in-house design department, as well as through collaborations with international designers like Daniel Dendra from Germany, Dodo Arslan from Italy, and Max Clements from the UK.


Designed by Daniel Dendra (with Daniel da Rocha, Renaud Schwartz and Mohamed Badr) Egypt is formed by the dynamics of the Nile leaving two large plateaus on each side. This table is representing these plateaus and the qualities of connection and separation. On the top of the table this support elements cause a series of tectonic deformations, which are filled in by glass and metal bowls. These bowls and trays reveal the Cairo Pattern on the top of the table. The table can be reconfigured and placed back to back leaving the deformed part on the outsides; the perfect configuration for a buffet party.